La Rose et le Renard it is...

A matter of the heart

A brand committed to children

The brand's leitmotiv is poetry, enchantment, movement and play. We invent fashion to make children happy. The brand is also committed to being eco-friendly in preserving flora and fauna. That's why La Rose et le Renard is a brand name inspired by two endearing characters from Antoine de Saint - Exupéry's children's tale 'Le Petit Prince'.

Un dessin de rose

The Rose represents love, a deep and fragile feeling that the Little Prince discovers. For our brand, the Rose symbolizes a little girl experiencing the fragility of feelings. The Rose is also a symbolic representation of the flora we must safeguard for our children.

Un dessin de renard tenant une rose dans sa bouche

Le Renard (The Fox) teaches the Little Prince about friendship, that tender bond of attachment to others. For our brand, the Fox is a happy little boy surrounded by friends with whom he can play and have fun. The Fox is also a symbolic representation of the fauna that must be protected.

As they grow up, children experience these two feelings very strongly. They grow through contact with others, playing, learning and becoming attached. They become part of the bond that unites us all!
This brand is a hymn to childhood.

La Rose et le Renard is a brand committed to a responsible approach. Our aim is to limit the ecological impact of the textile industry. We strive to produce sustainable clothing that respects flora and fauna. This brand recounts the adventures of an entrepreneur committed to the cause of ecology.

Une photo d'un enfant pourant une robe liberty

A family adventure

I decided to start making eco-friendly clothes for my children, for their planet. I was fed up with buying 'made in China'. I didn't want my children to carry the ecological debt on their backs any longer. we leave them as a legacy.

With the help of my mother, an experienced seamstress, a designer of chic and elegant clothes since childhood, I embarked on this adventure with my daughter as my model. I created the 'La Rose et le Renard' brand.

3 generations united around a project that makes sense.

Liberty Fabric

Liberty Fabrics

Enchanting, poetic
clothing with Liberty Fabrics


A choice of eco-responsible, environmentally-friendly products

Fabrication européenne

Made in Europe

Fair trade clothing, made in Europe

It's also about responsibility and fairness

Liberty Fabrics

Liberty Fabrics, an exceptional fabric

Creating chic, poetic and elegant garments, with, as the starting point Liberty Fabrics

• Liberty is a sturdy fabric, woven and printed in Italy,

• A luxurious fabricdriven by a creative and artistic approach to enchant young and old alike,

•Liberty fabric is subject to European REACH regulations in its manufacturing processes, guaranteeing responsible and ethical design.

Tissu éco-responsable
Eco-friendly products

Une marque responsable

Choose responsible, environmentally-friendly products :

• Our linings and fabrics are chosen without pesticides, certified to at least Standard 100 by OEKO - TEX, and produced in Europe.

• We want to help limit soil pollution, the use of oil and the excessive use of water to manufacture raw materials.

• After that, our vocation is to find virtuous fabrics like wool, linen made in France and GOTS-certified cotton. We will also use fabrics from the recycling sector.

• We make little or no use of synthetic fabrics or accessories except for zippers and elastics, which are difficult to replace.

Fabrication européenne
Made in Europe

An ethical approach

Fair trade clothing made, in Europe :

• We work with partners in France whenever possible. Our boxes and labels are made in the Hauts de France region. Garment production is supervised by a company with expertise in high-end tailoring, also located in the Hauts de France region.

• The garments are made in Europe, and for this 2022 collection, in Ukraine. The proximity of the manufacturing site limits pollution, and that's important to us. But prices are higher and margins lower than in Asia.

French labor law in France and other European countries govern working conditions. We, like you, can be sure that we pay our employees correctly, that they are of legal age, and that they have a fixed working time.

Sustainable at the right price

Défendre la qualité

Durable, timeless clothing that fits everyone :

• Our clothes can last for years, so there's no need to overproduce. La Rose et le Renard markets small series and requires top-of-the-range tailoring to ensure that the garments last.

• Our cuts and tailoring are designed to fit all body shapes with elegance. Easier said than done, but that's what we're all about: dressing all pretty Roses and gentle Foxes, whatever their morphology.

• Our clothes never go out of style. We make chic, timeless children's fashion inspired by French elegance.

• We'll be proposing solutions for repairing clothes and recycling them, because we don't want them to go to waste.

Find out more about our commitments, find out more about our idea of responsibility on our blog.